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Missing Monkeys From Dallas Zoo Found Alive In Abandoned House

Lancaster, TX – Two tamarin monkeys, who disappeared on Monday from the Dallas Zoo, were found in an abandoned home in Lancaster. According to a release from the Dallas Police Department, one of the monkeys was discovered in a closet of the home.

The Dallas Zoo had issued a public notice about the monkeys’ disappearance, writing:

On Monday morning (January 30), Dallas Zoo alerted the Dallas Police Department after the animal care team discovered two of our emperor tamarin monkeys were missing. It was clear the habitat had been intentionally compromised.
Emperor tamarin monkeys would likely stay close to home – the Zoo searched near their habitat and across Zoo grounds, and did not locate them. Based on the Dallas Police Department’s initial assessment, they have reason to believe the tamarins were taken.

Before the monkeys were found, the Dallas Police Department posted a photo of a “person of interest” who might be tied to their disappearance.

As reported by NBC News, no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

On January 21, a 35-year-old endangered vulture named Pin was found dead in his enclosure at the Dallas Zoo; a $10,000 reward has been offered for information about his suspicious death. There have been a string of mysterious incidents at the zoo; officials are unsure if they are connected.

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  1. these poor animals aren’t even safe in a damn zoo. they should release them into the wild and put the real animals in the cages.


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