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Miracle Reunion For Dog Held At Texas Shelter For Over 300 Days

Austin, TX – A dog who spent 301 days at an Austin animal shelter was miraculously reunited with her family. The pit bull was known as Juicee at the Austin Animal Center, and she had been there since she arrived as a stray in June 2022.

In December, Juicee’s photo was added to the adoption center’s Spanish Facebook page, “Cubanos de Austin.”

Friends of Juicee’s owners found her photo and let them know where their dog was. Amazingly, the family had been told by a neighbor that Juicee (whose real name is Kardashian) had died.

As soon as Juicee’s family found out where she was, they traveled over 20 hours to reach her. And when Juicee saw them, there was no doubt that she was their long-lost pet.

An amazing reunion, made possible by social media and networking. Welcome home Juicee/Kardashian!!

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