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Menagerie Of Animals Rescued From Deplorable Conditions After Owners Pass Out From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Youngstown, OH – Dozens of animals have been rescued from a house of horrors in Ohio. According to the Animal Charity of Ohio, the Youngstown Fire Department was called out to the home this week because the residents had passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning.

When rescuers entered the home, they encountered a “zoo” of animals who were living in squalor.

The animal welfare agency said:

52 animals were removed over several hours. 8 dogs, 1 tortoise, 3 endangered turtles, 2 ferrets, 3 Guinea pigs, 2 hedgehogs, 4 rabbits, 1 bearded dragon, 4 snakes, 2 axolotl, 15 fish, 2 foxes, 2 turkeys and 2 raccoons. 14 of these animals were deceased.

The Mahoning County Dog Warden assisted with the rescue effort. The agency is collecting donations to help with the extensive veterinary care these rescued animals require.

Find Animal Charity of Ohio on Facebook at this link.

Note: Charges are pending. The names of those involved have not yet been released.

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