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Man’s Dog Runs 4 Miles To Alert Campers After Truck Crashes Into Ravine

Halfway, OR – A clever dog is being hailed a hero after running four miles from the scene of a crash to alert family members at a campsite that something was amiss. According to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Brandon Garrett was traveling north on U.S. Forest Service Road 39 on June 2nd with his four dogs, when he failed to negotiate a curve causing the vehicle to plummet off an embankment.

Thanks to the man’s dog, people at the campsite who were expecting Garrett to arrive realized that something was wrong. Family of the missing man began searching and located his vehicle on June 3, but they were not able to reach it because of the steep terrain.

In a release, the authorities said:

Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Baker County Search and Rescue, Pine Valley Rural Fire District and Halfway Ambulance responded to the scene. Sheriff Ash arrived and located the vehicle, along with a dog, in the steep, brushy ravine. As he was looking for an access point to the creek, he heard a subject yell for help. Brandon Garrett, operator of the vehicle, was located alive approximately one hundred yards from the vehicle above the creek.

Search and rescue teams responded to the scene and were able to pull the injured man up to safety.

Garrett was flown to a regional airport for care. All of his dogs were found alive at the scene of the crash.

The injured man’s condition has not been released by the sheriff’s office.

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    • The man is at home now and healing. the 4 dogs are are safe with my family. 2 of the dogs had to have surgery to fix a broken bones but other wise they are safe and being well cared for.



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