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Man Threw Caged Puppy Into Tujunga Wash

Los Angeles, CA – A puppy is lucky to be alive after a man cruelly threw her over a fence, into the Tujunga Wash. Surveillance video captured the man taking the caged puppy out of the back of an SUV, walking to a fence, and hurling the cage into the water.

Fortunately, neighbors who witnessed the cruel act quickly jumped into action to save the pup’s life. “When I first saw the puppy, I didn’t even think. I just jumped over the fence, climbed down the wash. I slipped. I didn’t even care; I just wanted to rescue the dog,” a man who wished to be identified only as Amir told NBC4.

The puppy has already been placed in a home with “good people,” and an investigation is under way by the Foothill Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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  1. Thankfully the puppy is safe and being loved. Karma for the monstrous piece of crap that did this horrible deed!! Praying he is found & punished!

  2. It might not have even been his puppy. I hope someone tried to see if it was stolen. There are mean family members, spouses and others that would do that to someone out of meanness. Thank you for saving the sweet pup. 🙏🐶❤️



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