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Man Takes On Kangaroo To Save Dog From Drowning

Australia – A brave man took on a large, muscular kangaroo who appeared to be trying to drown his dog.

The dramatic encounter was captured on video and posted to TikTok where millions of people viewed Mick Moloney‘s frightening encounter. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Moloney was relaxing at the river with his Akita, Hatchi, when the dog disappeared.

When he searched the area he noticed a large kangaroo standing in the water, staring at him. Seconds later he could see the kangaroo had Hatchi in a headlock. He said, “Water was just gushing out of his mouth and he yelped quite badly.”

He initially tried to make a noise to frighten the animal enough to release his dog, but it didn’t work. He realized that he would have to enter the water to save his dog, but realized that it would not be easy, given the kangaroo’s size and muscles. He said:

“The muscles on this thing, I was like ‘this thing’s just got out of jail’ or something … it was jacked.”

Moloney set up his phone to capture the interaction and entered the river to save Hatchi. According to Moloney, he was able to “slap” the kangaroo, and then the duo “tussled” a bit in the water. At one point the phone was knocked into the water, but he was able to recover it.

In the end, everyone walked away relatively unscathed.

What would you do to save your dog?

(Images via screenshot TikTok)

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  1. WHY on earth would a kangaroo do this? Not just for fun, there must be a better reason! Probably this man is a cruel evil hunter instead of a dog saver?

  2. I’m so happy all walked away in good condition — I believe Kangaroo was playing with the Dog — this Kangaroo appears to be very muscular (like all Roos) — thank God cool heads prevailed and Human was able to bring in his Doggie — Love you all.



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