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Man Reaches Out For Help After Death Of Elderly Father Leaves Him Alone In House With Too Many Cats

Giles County, TN – Days ago, an autistic man reached out for help after his elderly father passed away, leaving him alone in their home with too many cats for him to care for. On Sunday, True Rescue commented on the sad situation, explaining the inhabitable conditions inside the home:

In this house lived an elderly man with his adult autistic son. The man passed away in the home, leaving his son and 16+ cats behind. The son was taken in by Adult Protective Services, so the cats needed immediate help. The son was the one that reached out to Lucky’s. The house was uninhabitable, yet two people lived there. The story is tragic, and we hope the son will move on to a better life than what he had.

Dozens of images showing the interior of the home reveal the abysmal conditions the cats, and the men had been living in.

True Rescue and Lucky’s Cat House took in the cats from the home and they will get them the veterinary care that they need before adopting them out to new families.

Jaclyn Payne, president and director of Lucky’s Cat House, expressed dismay over the pitiful conditions in the residence, telling WKRN News:

“No animal should live in that, but no person should be allowed to live in that either. And the fact that two people were living in that home, I can’t wrap my head around it.”

Donations to True Rescue can be made here.

Donations to Lucky’s Cat House can be made here.

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  1. Yeah, lets send billions of dollars to other countries and illegals while our own citizens live in filth and despair. Let’s leave our veterans on the street eating from garbage pails suffering from physical and mental issues they have from fighting for the very country that has turned it’s back on them. not to mention all these helpless animals living in conditions like this and worse. I don’t know where humanity has gone. There are many kind caring people in this world but that number seems to shrink by the day. I hope it there is time to correct it but I am not too hopeful.


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