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Man Faces Felony Animal Cruelty For Drowning Caged Cat

Freeport, FL – A man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge for allegedly drowning a caged cat in a Freeport park pond. As reported by Fox 35 news, Britton Wayne Bush, 47, was arrested on Wednesday evening after witnesses told the authorities they saw him walk into the park with a trapped cat and leave a short time later without it.

Deputies with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office found a dead cat in a cage when they responded to the call at Grady Brown Park. Deputies said that it appears that the cat was “purposely thrown and drowned in the water.”

Deputies found Bush at his home; he was arrested and booked into the Walton County Jail. Another cat, still alive, was found at Bush’s residence. The cat was removed for its safety.

(Booking photo)

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  1. Some people should never, ever be allowed any privacy where they can do these things, should be monitored every minute of every day and night. This drowning is something no decent person would even do to a despised enemy. That damned grinning goon, I hope someone wipes that sick smirk off his face PERMANENTLY real soon.

  2. someone should tie an anchor around his leg and throw him in a lake. let him the fear and suffering when he drowns. worthless piece of crap.

  3. That smirk needs wiped off of that vile face. I hope he gets treated really well in prison where he belongs. Needs to have karma delvier similar to him. Disgusting hard to look at scum.



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