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Man Charged For Killing Neighbor’s Cat With Hammer

Green Bay, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin man is facing charges for killing his neighbor’s cat, who got into his garage over the weekend. According to Fox 11, 25-year-old Zachary Hallet attacked the cat with a hammer, and strangled the feline, after if wandered into his garage on Sunday.

According to the criminal complaint, the owner of the cat called the police after she witnessed Hallet attacking her cat with a hammer. The woman said Hallet hit the cat with the hammer, strangled it, and then threw the cat near a tree.

Hallet denied any wrongdoing when questioned by the police, but officers found a hammer matching the description given by the cat’s owner in his home, by the front door.

The woman told officers that Hallet had threatened to kill “any animals in his yard” a year ago.

Hallet is charged with mistreatment of an animal causing death. He is due in court on May 20.


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  1. That piece of garbage needs to pay a huge fine With jail time and he needs to have a felony on his record. He needs to feel what he did to that poor innocent cat. This is ridiculous. Nothing happens to the brutal murder of cats and dogs by People. It’s never gonna stop unless it hurts.!!

  2. I’d love to pour gas in his hair and light it then smash his fugly ass disgusting face with that same hammer. BURN IN HELL Zach because karma is going to get you !

  3. I happen to have a hammer handy that I can use on him! Scum like this just needs to be GONE from the planet! No trial!

  4. I hope tihs garbage subhuman serves a lengthy jail sentence and if he returns to the same address his life is made utter hell for this murderous act. State of it.

  5. This worthless excuse of a human needs to stop taking up space on our planet. Give him the same treatment he gave that poor pet cat!

  6. If I was the owner of this cat this guy would be having some kind of accident at some point in his future… there is no way he would get away with probably a minor slap on the wrist. Having said that why did the lady let her cat out knowing this asshole had made threats against animals coming into his yard and putting that cat in jeopardy. People keep your cats inside regardless of the assholes that live beside you, there are too many hazards out there for wandering cats besides these idiots.

  7. PLEASE, PLEASE PEOPLE, KEEP YOUR CATS IN THE HOUSE 24/7!!!! THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANY CAT!!! Have your cat operated on when it is young, around 3 months to 7 months and the cat will not pea anywhere in the house!! Give them a climbing place and they will be satisfied!! Do not let them out ever!! This is the reason I put this down TO NOT let your cat outside!! They also can get into cat fights, if scratched they can get the disease like HIV in humans, there are always dogs, and then people as this article proves!!! AND the dogs and humans are not merciful!! If this were my cat, this man would have to move to another state and not let me find out he was there!!



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