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Man Charged For Attacking Kitten He Claimed Was A Jaguar

Lancaster County, PA – A Pennsylvania man is facing an animal cruelty charge for severely injuring a black kitten who he claimed was a jaguar. As reported by WTAE News, 56-year-old Richard Swangler called the police on March 3 to report a wild animal at his home.

But responding officers only found a kitten with severe facial injuries. Officers questioned the man about drug use and he admitted to taking methamphetamine.

Swangler was booked into Lancaster County Prison on a felony animal cruelty charge. The kitten suffered severe facial injuries but is expected to recovery.

Swangler’s preliminary hearing is scheduled on March 12.

(Stock image of a black kitten via Pixabay free images)

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  1. On a good day this guy has two brain cells working and working overtime at that. How the hell can you mistake a kitte for a Jaguar and think something so small is a threat.?This guy needs to have the full level of the law brought down on him.The only good thing here is the kitten will recover. Hopefully the same can’t be said for this prick. Perhaps he will meet with an unfortunate “accident” in jail.

  2. dont matter what crap this idiot was taking, he is still an animal abuser. nobody ‘spiked’ his drink or forced drugs on him, all his choice as was his torture of this kitten. hope the judge finds his spine on this one and actually sentences this waste of space properly and dosent fall for the “woe is me, im a junkie” BS for once. he IS a junkie, but he is also an animal torturer, and a danger to all other people and animals. his self inflicted issues dont count against this

  3. just another of many animal abuse cases in Pennsylvania. I swear there’s more abuse in that state than any other. Maybe it’s time for stricter punishments for animal abuse…

  4. someone should cut his nuts off then say oh I am sorry I thought i was picking strawberries. i can see where a kitten could look like a jaguar. another meth head hard at work.

  5. It should be mandantory to give anyone with a felony, even if it is a first, 5 yrs. in prison!! Maybe then they will stop hurting the prizes we have, our animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This scum bag is delusional and needs to be given the full extent of the law. No animal deserves what that poor innocent kitten suffered. How can anyone harm a baby kitty with any remorse and take accountability for this cruel act.I believe what goes around comes around,an Eye for an Eye…. WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!!!



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