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Man Caught Injured Wolf, Taped Mouth Closed, And Showed It Off At Bar Before Killing

Update 4/8/2024: After this article was published, the name of the hunter (Cody Roberts) was released publicly. Animal Victory has created a petition which can be viewed and signed at this link.

Wyoming – A Wyoming man has been cited, and is receiving backlash on social media, for capturing a wolf he injured, taping its mouth closed, and then showing the animal off at a bar before killing it. According to sources, the disturbing situation happened on Feb. 29 in Sublette County.

Though killing a wolf is legal in the county, torturing a wolf is not. The man is accused of running a wolf down with a snowmobile, causing injuries. The man then transported the injured animal to his home, and then to a bar, where he showed it off before taking it out back and killing it.

According to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department the man was cited for a misdemeanor violation of Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulations, Chapter 10, Importation and Possession of Live Warm-Blooded Wildlife.

The name of the man who is accused of torturing and killing the wolf has not been released publicly.

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  1. what a pathetic excuse for a man. useless and worthless and utterly cowardly. may every ill befall this parasite

  2. That piece of trash called a “man” has HELL to pay for this disgusting crime. The wolf was one of God’s innocent but necessarily predatory creatures and a vital part of nature to keep the balance, not some sadistic lowlife who gets his jollies by torturing and killing others and calls itself “human(e).”

  3. i would like to see him try that with a wolf that was not injured as it ripped his sorry ass to pieces. so sad to see such a beautiful creature looking so defeated at the hands of this scumbag. he calls himself a man worthless piece of shit is more like it.



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