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Man Caught Beating Protected Shark With A Hammer Has Been Charged

Brevard County, FL – A Florida man was arrested and is facing charges after he was caught on video bludgeoning a protected Lemon shark in Brevard County. The cruel incident happened at  Bicentennial Beach Park at Indian Harbor Beach in December 2022, but 33-year-old Brian Waddill was just arrested last week.

As reported by Fox 35 News, Waddill was issued a court summons to be arraigned on the charges, but the summons was returned, resulting in the issuance of an arrest warrant. Waddill was arrested on Friday, April 14, and charged with two misdemeanors; failure to return a prohibited species unharmed and a violation against the harvest, landing, or sale of sharks.

Surveillance video showed Waddill pulling the shark to shore and repeatedly beating it in the head. Witnesses stated that the man punched the shark and used the claw side of the hammer to rip out its gills before rolling the dead or dying shark back into the water.

Waddill was held on a $500 bond but he has already been released.

(Screengrab of surveillance video)

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