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Man Brings Dog To Shelter As A ‘Stray,’ But That Wasn’t The Truth And Now The Dog Needs Help

Orlando, FL – In August, a man brought a young dog named Mouse to a Florida animal shelter, telling staff that the dog was a stray who was wandering in his neighborhood. But that wasn’t the truth…the person who brought Mouse to the facility was just an owner who lied about the situation.

Now Mouse needs help – he is one of the many homeless dogs in need of a family. Albert Harris Photography writes:

Meet Mouse who was turned into us as a stray by a citizen who found him wandering the neighborhood. Upon research, we later found out the citizen who turned him in ended up being the owner himself. Sadly there’s not much we can do. But this is about Mouse who is now homeless.


As you can see he is energetic, and just wants to be loved. He is only 2 years old, together we can get him seen & heard. Let’s get him home. You know what to do.

In order to be saved, Mouse has to be seen. Please do your part by sharing his adoption information – networking saves lives!

Adoption profile here. 


Room: CLIND04
Age:Approximately 2 YEARS
Weight:Approximately 46 pounds.
Intake Date:Thursday, August 24, 2023

Orange County Animal Services
Pet Rescue & Adoption Center
2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL 32839
(407) 836-3111

To find out more information, please email or call 407-836-3111 and reference this pet’s ID number.

Note: Please call the shelter directly. Animal Victory is not the point of contact for this dog and has no affiliation with this dog or this facility. Thank you!

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  1. Poor sweet dog; I hope someone great takes him home for good. People prove every day to not deserve dogs at all, with the masses allowing dog breeding to continue unabated, and the kill “shelters” that kill and dispose of the “inconvenient surplus” of them so that people can forget about them. Murdering dogs for convenience and to make life easier for dog breeders. Not much could be worse.



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