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Man Arrested For Strangling Cat During Fight With Woman

Salt Lake County, Utah – An innocent cat was brutally killed amidst a domestic dispute in South Jordan, Utah. According to sources, a woman saw 55-year-old Dean Andrew Derhak strangling her cat on a bed after telling her that he was going downstairs to take a nap.

The victim told the police that she ran to her cat, but it was too late, the cat had died. The woman then became the target of Derhak’s wrath. He began viciously beating her, leaving her with a black eye, a broken rib, bruised ribs, and a contusion on her left chest wall. The woman was able to escape to a bathroom, locking Derhak out until the police arrived.

When the authorities arrived to investigate the domestic dispute situation, Derhak tried to run, but officers subdued him and he was arreste3d and taken to the Salt Lake County Jail on multiple charges, including aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury, a second-degree felony; aggravated cruelty to animals intentionally or knowingly, a class A misdemeanor; fail to stop at command of law enforcement, a class A misdemeanor; and interference with arresting officer, a class B misdemeanor.

(Stock image of a cat via Pixabay free images)


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  1. Revolting scum. Disgusting, awful act from a sociopath. I hope every charge sticks to him and he serves time. DV and animal cruelty and serious offences and these people make me sick.

  2. There is no jail time sufficient for this dirtbag other than life and unfortunately that will not happen. Perhaps some incarcerated animal lover will get wind of this asshole and deal out the proper punishment for this prick and that would be justice for that poor cat.

  3. what a waste of air some ‘people’ are. love a little time alone with this one, oh boy would he have a different outlook on things, what was left anyhow

  4. i can’t believe anything this piece of shit did qualifies as a misdemeanor. poor cat dies and the girl is beat to hell. just shoot this scum bag. if he does go to jail, i hope 300lb bubba who hasn’t been in love for awhile pays him nightly visits and every time he is done he beat the piss out of him. what will it take for these dumb politicians do something about this. how much more evidence do you need to see the relations between animal abuse, domestic abuse and serial killers. the pattern is always the same.

  5. To kill a cat is the makings or the additions to a scumbag narcissist IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! He has already beaten women severely, take into account of how he beat this woman!! Maybe she will be better able to pick someone that is NOT violent next time!! As for the cat, he should get 20 yrs. to be served every day, but he won’t for the cat!! BUT if this woman does it correctly the law should put the IDIOT away for quite some time!! If he threatens her, she should go to the police right away and that will be put on his accounts!! DON’T let a man get away with beating you women, you can see that is not the only thing he will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bastard. He deserves death penalty for this. And then some more for the woman. Shame he won’t get that. I know what I’d give him.

  7. PSYCHO Dean Andrew Derhak is mentally deranged— Lock him up & do not release — Sicko will repeat if NOT stopped — he’s a danger to Society — When did Female KNOW Killer was insane?



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