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Mama Bear And Cubs Join People At Beach, Steal Some Food, And Take a Swim

On Sunday, people enjoying the sand and beach at Pope Beach, in South Lake Tahoe, had some surprising company. A mother bear and her three cubs visited the area for some frolicking in the water, and even stole one beachgoer’s cooler!

Jen Watkins was one of the people present when the bear family showed up, and she managed to get video of the surprising visitors. She told WTAE News, “we were all a little shocked.” Aside from stealing the cooler, the bear didn’t bother those who were enjoying the sunny afternoon. Although Watkins told the news agency that the mama bear got a bit “unfriendly” while protecting her cubs from a golden retriever.

It’s not the first time that bears have visited the lake – back in 2016, a mother and her two cubs were seen frolicking in the same area. Wildlife officials have reminded people that bears can be dangerous and nobody should provide them with food, or try to get too close.

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