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Malnourished, 8-week-old Puppy Found Abandoned In Porta-Potty

Fort Wayne, IN – A malnourished, eight-week-old puppy is recovering after someone abandoned him in a porta-potty. According to the Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control agency, a city employee made the shocking discovery and reached out for help.

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In a release, the agency details the puppy’s dismal state of health:

This sweet boy was malnourished with his rib cage and spine showing, had urine-stained paws and overgrown nails, and was quite scared. Our medical team examined his overall health, and the main concern was getting him to a healthy weight. A slow feeding plan was created in order to not disrupt his digestive system. In the meantime, our staff members provided him with the gentle love and care he deserves.

The puppy, dubbed Louie (which translates to famous warrior), is now in a foster home where he is thriving.

You can support Louie, and other animals like him, with a donation to the animal welfare agency’s Angel Fund. 

(Images via Fort Waye Animal Care Facebook page)

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  1. I’m so glad this pup was saved, he’s absolutely adorable and precious. I wish all dogs and other animals at the mercy of the “human” race would miraculously go sterile so there would be no more born at all. People get such light “punishments” for the most heinous, sadistic crimes against them. Animals are way too good to be stuck among the “human” race. They belong in Heaven, period.

  2. What an adorable baby. I’m so glad he was rescued and is recovering. Humans can be so disgusting and inhumane to innocent animals!!



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