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‘Lucky Cat’ Survives Texas Wildfire, Leads Game Warden To Kittens

Lubbock, TX – When Lubbock area Game Warden Sarah Wennersten was mapping and assessing the rubble left behind from the Smokehouse Creek Fire she encountered a lucky black cat who had survived the flames.

The little black cat was not alone…one kitten after another appeared. As Wennersten followed the “trail of kittens,” she discovered one who did not escape the fire unscathed. The kitten had singed fur and an injured paw – thankfully the injuries were not life threatening.

The Texas Game Wardens writes:

Since the area was evacuated during the fire, the cat’s owners could not be located. Water and food were provided. The @Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team will check on the kittens today. Stay tuned for an update!

The Smokehouse Creek Fire erupted on the afternoon of February 26 and it has spread to over 1 million acres, making it the largest and most destructive wildfire in Texas history.

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  1. These are the lucky ones but how many that we will never know about that did not survive and that is the sad reality here.Thanks for the intervention of the Game Warden here that resulted in a happy ending at least for these little guys.

  2. This queen & her babies are so fortunate!!! It’s just the story of hope we needed. Bless this sweet family, & well done momma!!!

  3. There is no rescuer as great as the mother of babies!! She will rescue her babies even if it means her life!! I am so glad the fire did not take either!!



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