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Lion Sanctuary Lets Animals Observe Humans Who Are Captive In ‘Cages’

A lion sanctuary in South Africa has turned the tables on what might be expected for wildlife observation. Rather than watching captive animals in an enclosure, tourists visiting the GG Conservation sanctuary, in Harrismith, have the opportunity to climb into a plexiglass cage which allows the big cats to safely get up close and personal with their human visitors.

The website for GG Conservation explains the 45-minute experience:

Day visitors who only enter to do the cage are wholly dependent on weather, dates, staff & management availability. We cannot guarantee how the lions will react but will endeavour to ensure you have a fantastic experience. 

Priority is given to overnight guests as we can only use the cage once a day. Cage experience starts at approx 6:30 am- 7:15 am at this time of year. 


Our unique cage is dual purpose. 

1- As a ‘professional photography cage’ – there are small gated windows able to open up for longer range shots of the lions further away, ideal for professional photographers who don’t want fences/bars or plexiglass in their shots. 

2- As an ‘experience’ – the circular ‘breathing holes’ in the plexiglass are ideal for phone cameras for close up photos and videos as a personal and exhilarating experience of the lions in a completely unique way. 

These holes are totally safe and too small for a lion paw to get through. 

The magical experience not only provides guests with a once-in-a-lifetime lion encounter, but it also gives the lions “enrichment,” and helps raise funds for the non-profit sanctuary to continue caring for the 70+ big cats who are in their care.

Learn more about GG Conservation at this link.

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  1. Animal abusers could be sentenced to days or weeks – in a plexiglass cage at off-times in the sanctuary tourist trade. Maybe several prisoners could bunk in together for that crowded feeling. The humans could be fed and given water intermittently. Only one camp toilet would be available. The grated windows could be used for air exchange because of course they wouldn’t be allowed to bring their phones. It wouldn’t work for everybody. Successful candidates would need to have the ability to be empathetic. The idea would be to punish – take freedom away – but the idea could be tested to see if animal abusers’ perceptions of their crimes & a change in behaviour towards animals might actually result from being on the inside of the cage.



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