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Kitten Found Collapsed By Restrooms Makes A Beautiful Comeback

Tri-Cities, WA – An anemic kitten, found collapsed in the dirt by restrooms at the Pasco Flea Market, has made a beautiful comeback. According to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, the kitten, found by a good Samaritan, was emaciated and too weak to walk.

The animal welfare agency writes of the kitten, dubbed Flea:

He was rushed in and he had our hearts from the get go. One of our staff took him home to ensure lil Flea got the best care and he had his vet visits as we all waited for Flea to make a full recovery. Flea had fight in him and we had faith in the Flea!

Fast forward to today. Little Flea is fully recovered and living with a kind woman named Cathy, who loves to carry him around in her jacket, even though he is strong enough to walk.

The shelter said:

He runs the house hold and insists on being toted around in Cathy’s jacket 24/7 even thought he can walk on his own now maybe he just continues to enjoy being carried. ❤

Enjoy your new life Flea!!

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