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K9 Recovering After Being Stabbed Multiple Times

Las Vegas, NV – A K9 with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) is recovering after being stabbed repeatedly on March 29. The three-year-old Belgian Malinois, Enzo, was assisting in a call at an apartment building on S. Las Vegas Blvd. where a suicidal man was barricaded.

The man was armed with a knife, was barricaded in an apartment, and had started a fire. The man refused to exit the apartment, so officers deployed Enzo in an effort to apprehend the man with “less lethal munitions.” The dog was stabbed multiple times while attempting to get control of the man.

Officers were eventually able to disarm the man and get him into custody, and Enzo was rushed to a veterinarian for emergency surgery.

On Sunday, the LVMPD let worried Facebook followers know that Enzo was doing better.

Enzo continues to improve. Hours after the Sunday announcement, LVMPD wrote:

Check out this photo posted today by LVMPD K9.
K9 Enzo continues to recover and is happy to see his handler! Other than some minor maintenance on stitches and wound care, Enzo is in good spirits and getting lots of attention.

Get well soon Enzo!

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  1. this was avoidable. they knew the guy was nuts and had a knife. did they really believe that the dog would not get hurt or killed. these dogs are not expendable. they don’t deserve to be used as a tool. they are living creatures who feel pain and fear just like us. send a damn robot in. they have all this great technology they are always crowing about. well then use it! stop making these dogs living targets for these sick bastards.

    • And if you think that’s bad, you should see what the handlers are taught to do to the dogs.

      There is a Code of Silence keeping what is done to K9s a guarded secret.

      In public the dogs are referred to as “partners,” and “fellow officers.”

      However, in private, they are called “tools,” or “equipment,” and treated with less reverence than the actual equipment. The deception is deliberate. At the department I worked in, the head “trainer” reminds the handlers, “These are not your fuzzy buddies; they are tools.” Then he proceeds to show them how to slow hang, “helicopter,” kick, punch, etc., their 4 legged ‘tooIs.’

      It is also a fact that far more K9s die at the hands of their own handlers and ‘trainers,” than by any suspects or enemies. And for most of them, death is a reIief from the routine torture they are subjected to.

      BE AWARE, and do not support K9 units. They thrive on your ignorance.

      I have a website and an additional library of information and videos, for anyone who is interested in learning more.

  2. I understand there is a push/advocacy for better treatment of suspects exhibiting some form of mental crisis. However when a weapon is present, the law needs to protect the use of K9s. I believe the officers did not discharge their weapons for fear of their K9 partner being struck. It’s time for EVERYONE to protected. Too many innocent people and now an animal, are being harmed during these mental crisis.

  3. That poor dog should have never been sent in to that demented man. The officers could have went in and disarmed him. Enzo had to suffer for no reason.



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