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Joyful Reindeer Goes Viral On TikTok As She Readies Herself For A Snowy Takeoff

Goldendale, WA – A reindeer named Holly has gone viral after a video of her preparing to fly was shared on the Goldendale Reindeer TikTok account. The video shows Holly joyously prancing through the snow, looking as if she could take flight at any moment as she chases after snowflakes with a huge smile on her face.


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♬ original sound – Goldendale Reindeer

Holly’s glee is infectious and her smile is irresistible. One person said, “I grew up in Norway. I have seen quite a few reindeer, but never one this happy!” Another person agreed, writing, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reindeer smile before! my serotonin level just rose 1000%!”

The adorable clip, set to Sleigh Ride, has captured the hearts of thousands…garnering over 7600 comments, nearly 38k shares and over 318k likes. Three days ago, Goldendale Reindeer said that the video had been viewed one million times!

You can give yourself a mood boost by following Goldendale Reindeer on TikTok at this link, or on Facebook here. 

And if you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of the Columbia River Gorge, you can visit this magical farm in person! During the holidays, Goldendale Reindeer hosts special BELIEVE events, and other themed experiences are held at various times throughout the entire year. Learn more at this link to the Goldendale Reindeer website.

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  1. How do we even know if this raindeer is happy or nervous and anxious. I don’t like the video, I don’t like seeing wild animals being confined and used for people entertainment.



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