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Jerry’s Owner Turned Him Over To A Shelter For Being Too Affectionate, But He Is No Longer Alone

Broward County, FL – A loving cat name Jerry recently lost his home because his former owner found his affectionate nature “annoying.” As impossible as it seems, the friendly cat found himself sitting in a kennel at the Humane Society because his love had been rejected.

Jerry’s story went viral after his letter was posted on the shelter’s TikTok account – the letter from “Jerry” reads in part:

“She said that I annoyed her and how sweet and affectionate I was. It was too much for her. She said I waited at the door for her and talked too much. I loved her, but she didn’t love me back.

Who doesn’t adore an affectionate cat? Fortunately for Jerry, there are more people who like snuggly, loving cats than those who don’t and he has found a new home, with people who appreciate his awesome personality.


Too affectionate 💔 That’s the reason 4-year-old Jerry was given-up. Jerry is a sweet cat that loves to be pet and rub up against you, but his former owner said it annoyed her too much. Jerry loved her, but she didn’t love him back, so she turned him in to our shelter. Now he’s heartbroken and confused. He’s hoping that someone will love him for who he is – a lovebug! Will you make Jerry your Valentine this year? ❤️ #cat #catrescue #adoptme #catsoftiktok #foryoupage #adoptacat #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Humane Society Broward County

When Jerry found a new home, the shelter was excited to share the good news with his substantial social media followers. The agency said:

Jerry was adopted! 🙌❤️ Sweet Jerry has found a loving forever home where he can be as affectionate as he wants! Thanks to all of the shares on social media, Jerry’s video was seen by just the right person and she ran to the shelter first thing this morning to adopt him! ❤️ We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

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  1. This is the second report in the last month of a cat being returned because “ it was too affectionate”? What is wrong with these assholes. Perhaps these people should get a snake as a pet- no danger of too much affection there. Thankfully there are more people out there who can truly appreciate the affection that a cat can give and this cat will be be a lot happier with a normal pet owner.



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