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Humane Enforcement Team Rescues Coyote With Bucket On Head

San Diego, CA – On Monday, San Diego Humane received a call about a dog floating in debris in the flooded Tijuana River Valley. The agency’s Humane Law Enforcement team responded and discovered the animal was actually a young coyote with a plastic bucket stuck on his head. Using a boat to reach the animal, the team successfully plucked the coyote from the debris and transported him for veterinary care.

The animal welfare agency Tweeted:

The poor coyote was rushed to our Bahde Wildlife Center for initial triage, where our veterinarians administered a sedative and pain medication, removed the bucket from his head, provided fluids and took X-rays.

An exam revealed that the juvenile coyote was suffering from mild hypothermia and he had cactus spines stuck in his fur. The coyote was transferred to the Ramona Wildlife Center where the Project Wildlife team will work to rehabilitate him, with the hope of returning him to his “wild home” soon.

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