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Horse Rescued After Falling Over 100 Foot Cliff

Jamul, CA – On April 16, a horse in California miraculously survived falling over a 100-foot cliff. According to the San Diego Humane Society, the eight-year-old horse, Dobby, was rescued by volunteers with the San Diego Humane Society’s Emergency Response Team (ERT).

According to the organization, the route to Dobby was through treacherous terrain, but eight volunteers undertook the five-mile hike to reach him. The agency said:

When they arrived, he was standing on an incline, making the situation even more perilous. The team was determined to save Dobby, however, and carefully got him across a stream and onto flat ground, then returned around 1 a.m. to provide him with a cozy blanket and enough food and water to keep him comfortable overnight.

Describing how Dobby was ultimately removed from the area:

The next morning our ERT hiked down to Dobby again, along with a veterinarian, who could assess his wounds. A course of action was set: this brave horse would need to be walked to safety by our team. After four hours in the tough terrain, Dobby and his rescuers emerged safe and sound at the operation’s staging area. The veterinarian then re-bandaged his leg wounds, and Dobby was transported to a critical care unit for further treatment.

According to a fundraiser established for Dobby’s veterinary care, he is beginning to “perk up,” and his family is hopeful that he will be able to go home soon.

Find the fundraiser at this link.

(All images via Facebook/San Diego Humane)

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  1. How did the horse fall off a cliff in the first place? Wasn’t he or she with a rider or in a fenced in area? There’s no excuse for what happened to this horse. Someone is responsible for the horse and authorities should be questioning them to see if there was neglect involved.

  2. SO thankful this horse survived with leg wounds and nothing was broken!! That fall could have cost him his life, but it didn’t!! He is always in /GOD’s Good Hands!!


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