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Horrific Thanksgiving Day Fire Killed 17 Dogs At K9 Trainer’s Residence

Brookfield, Ohio – A horrific fire on Thanksgiving Day claimed the lives of 17 dogs at a K9 trainer’s residence. As reported by CBS News, a fire broke out at the home of Jessica Schlumberger, and her fiance Sherman Holbrook while the couple was at a relative’s house.

A neighbor contacted them with the devastating news. Holbrook tells the news agency:

“These were more than just pets, they were our life. They were our livelihoods, they were a part of our income, they were a part of our family. Everybody who met any one of our dogs loved them.”

According to a GoFundMe established for the family, Holbrook is a K9 Handler who trains bomb and drug-searching dogs. Among the deceased dogs was a litter of eight puppies, and a pregnant dog.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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