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History Repeats As Biden’s Dog, Commander, Bites Multiple People

President Biden's German shepherd, Commander, has bitten nearly a dozen people.

President Biden’s dog, Commander, has been involved in multiple biting incidents at the White House and in Delaware. According to sources, the almost two-year-old shepherd has even sent a Secret Service uniformed officer to the hospital for treatment.

Commander’s concerning behavior is a troubling repeat of the problems the Bidens encountered with their former shepherd, Major, who was ousted from the White House after biting several people.

According to CNN, Commander’s bite history was exposed through Freedom of Information Act requests; the reports revealed 10 bites attributed to the young dog.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tells the New York Post:

“This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president would allow his dog to repeatedly attack and bite Secret Service and White House personnel. And rather than protect its agents, the Secret Service tried to illegally hide documents about the abuse of its agents and officers by the Biden family,”

The Bidens have said that Commander will be undergoing additional training to help improve his behavior.

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  1. does anyone besides me think the problem is with the owner and not the dogs. german shepherds are dogs but they require training and socialization. they are smart and energetic dogs but they need stimulation. maybe he should have bought a goldfish.

  2. Biden has again caused a Beautiful and loyal Pup to become aggressive due to neglect and not being trained properly!!

  3. I believe the dog is sensing Biden needs protection is why the dog is doing this. Sometimes all the training will ot help so a muzzle maybe needed. I know mine were well trained and were great with people did service and therapy work but were protected of me when something was wrong. Dogs are very sensitive and can see, smell things we as humans do not. Just my view here from personal experience



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