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Heroic Rescuers Save Wombat Who Was Suffocating In Collapsed Burrow

Australia – A pregnant wombat is alive today thanks to heroic rescuers who helped free her from a collapsed burrow where she was slowly suffocating. The harrowing situation was recounted on the Wombat Awareness Organization’s Facebook page Wednesday.

The animal welfare agency explained that a motion camera revealed a wombat entering a burrow, and the entrance collapsing immediately after. The agency said that two rescuers went out to open the entrance of the burrow for the wombat, and what happened next:

They never anticipated finding a poor wombat encapsulated in the collapsed burrow. The burrow had completely collapsed both behind and in front of her and she was suffocating….I despair 😔
Thankfully, the hero rescuers arrived just in time, she was not in a good way. The girls saved not just one wombat, but two as she is carrying a baby!

The wombat was taken to the agency’s sanctuary to recover. The group said, “She is recovering back at the sanctuary and is feeling so much better this afternoon. She will be on inside rest as she needs treatment for a big tummy full of water, mange and a fungal skin infection.”

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  1. It’s sad to think of how often this must happen. Thankfully this time there was a camera and someone there to help. Nice work.

  2. Technology can be used for bad things or for good as in this case. That poor wombat would have died along with her babies if not for that well placed motion camera. She must have been terrified. I am happy she is alive and safe.


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