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Home Street Home: Dogs and Cats of the Homeless

For the fourth consecutive year, our friends from Animal Victory are providing Holiday “Love Bags”­čĺľ for the dogs and cats of the homeless.­čĺĽ

Love Bags are tax-deductible, cost $30.00 each, and include some of the following; dog and cat food, snacks, pet toys, harnesses for walking, bowls, blankets, socks, hats, raincoats, and leash leads.

Additional funds are used for veterinary care and larger items to protect pets, such as tents, tarps, pet strollers, sleeping bags, and camp pillows.

Some of what we learned about the pets of homeless people.

“It┬ámay not be the lap of luxury, but┬áthe lap of a homeless person is one thatÔÇÖs available 24/7┬áfor their pet.┬áIn return, the person without a home gets unconditional love, and on those cold nights on the streets, even shared bodily warmth. In fact, the pet’s love for their┬áowner may be the only true love they have in their life. It can give them┬ápurpose, and with that comes a desire to be there to care for┬átheir pet. It can even make the difference for a person to choose sobriety over being in an altered state of mind from drugs or alcohol.”┬áMark Goldstein, DVM.┬á┬áDoctor Goldstein has also encountered many┬á“street people” using what precious few dollars they have to seek veterinary care for their beloved pets┬ábefore they would spend it on themselves.

Just $30.00 pays for one Love Bag,┬ábut as little as $2.00 helps.­čÄü­čÖĆ

Can you chip in $2.00 towards a Love Bag for the pets?

Please click here if you can help this holiday season.

Love Bags

Animal Victory volunteers are experts working with homeless people and their pets within their communities.

Thanks to last year’s compassionate supporters, they distributed the equivalent of 566┬álove bags, which included larger items and much-needed veterinarian┬ácare.

PLEASE┬áopen your hearts this year and help them with Love Bags. Volunteers are waiting anxiously to deliver the bags.­č匭č匭čĺŚ

Can you help them reach their goal of 700 bags this year?

Love Bags

On any given day in the United States, there are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats struggling to survive.

What you can do is help┬áthe people who are willing to love and care for at least one of them.┬á┬áPlease make your┬átax-deductible┬ádonation┬átoday with a Love Bag.ÔŁĄ

Buy A Holiday Love Bag Here
Love Bags

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