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Hearts Broken With Zoo’s Announcement That Baby Chimpanzee Unexpectedly Died

Wichita, KS – On Thursday, the Sedgwick County Zoo made a heartbreaking announcement about the unexpected death of a five-week-old Chimpanzee named Kucheza. According to a news release, the baby was discovered deceased in his mother’s arms when staff arrived in the morning.

The baby’s mother, Mahale, is not ready to part with her baby, but the zoo has stated that their team will conduct a full medical assessment on Kucheza as soon as they are able to.

The zoo said:

Mahale’s love for Kucheza was and will continue to be felt by billions of people around the world.

In his few short weeks of life, Kucheza brought joy and light to so many, and sparked an opportunity to educate the world about chimpanzees, the dangers they face in the wild, and most importantly – why we should care.

Kucheza drew national attention after being born via c-section and treated by the medical team for two days before reuniting with his mom. A video showing the touching reunion went viral on social media.

Rest in peace little one.

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  1. so sorry that the baby died…and heart broken for his momma… they have feelings just as we do…. R I P little furkid…



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