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Halloween Safety Tips For Your Pets


Halloween is fast approaching and while ghosts, ghouls, and candy treats might be enticing for humans, the holiday can pose some risks to our four-legged companions. With just a bit of planning and effort, your family can enjoy spooky festivities and keep your pets safe too.


Costumes can be fun, and they provide the opportunity to capture some adorable photos but ensure that your pet is not distraught by the outfit he/she is wearing. If your cat or dog seems stressed out in the costume, it is probably best to skip it completely; you might opt for a festive bandana instead. If the costume doesn’t upset your pet, just ensure that it fits well and that there is nothing on it that might get chewed off (posing a choking hazard). Keep a close eye on your pet to make sure that the extra clothing does not get tangled or caught on furniture or other items in the house or yard.


Goodies and Halloween seem to go hand-in-hand. Be sure to keep the sweet snacks safely out of your pet’s reach. Some candy can be deadly (especially if it is sugar-free and happens to have xylitol in it!!).


Decorating for Halloween is SO much fun! But you need to keep a close eye on pets (especially those curious felines) who might want to eat your decor. Things like small, plastic spiders can pose a choking hazard, and candles can be knocked over, causing an unintentional fire. If your pets are particularly enticed by decor, consider skipping real candles and plastic – opt instead for LED (fake) candles and paper/cardboard decorations.

Trick or Treaters

Greeting adorable trick-or-treaters at the door may be fun for humans, but terrifying for pets. If your cat(s) and/or dog(s) get stressed by knocks at the door, it is best to put them away before festively adorned visitors arrive. Find a safe spot in your home where your pets can relax with television or music on for distraction. If there is any chance that your pet might slip out of the house, ensure that they have a collar with ID tags (don’t forget microchips with current contact information) BEFORE Halloween arrives.

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