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Hail Mary – Surrendered Shepherd Already Staged For Pre-Euthanasia

Update: Rescued by A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs

Fort Worth, TX – A hail Mary attempt to save a dog’s life is underway on social media. On Tuesday morning, the Code Red Animals of FWACC Facebook page issued a plea on behalf of a surrendered German shepherd named Dollar:

Owner surrendered on 1/26 for a bite
Owner was sitting on the couch with other dog and Dollar came to take the toy. The other dog began showing teeth and they started to get into it. Owner was bit while trying to separate the dogs.

It is worth noting that dogs often “redirect” their aggression in the midst of an adrenaline-fueled dog fight, with unintended people (or other dogs) suffering bites.

Now Dollar sits in a kennel run – confused about his sudden change of circumstance and unaware that his life will soon end.

Please share Dollar’s information. He is rescue only, but you can network his information with the hope that it will reach a reputable rescue organization with the ability to save Dollar.

A0055168102 Dollar
2 years old, 84 lbs, not neutered male

DO NOT CALL THE SHELTER! It goes to the city call center; not the shelter. All communication with the shelter is through email.
📩 To save this dog: You must EMAIL to place a hold on the dog! All rescue tags must be sent via EMAIL:
➡️ In subject line write “last call” with dog’s name and animal #. You’ll get an automated response back first then staff will send a confirmation email.
🏠These dogs are located at Fort Worth Animal Care & Control-Silcox: 4900 Martin St. Fort Worth, TX 76119.

Note: All inquiries must be made directly to the animal shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this animal shelter facility. Thank you.


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