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Goodbye Party Thrown For Dog Who Stayed At Shelter For 543 Days

Amherst, VA – A dog who spent an incredible 543 days of his life at a Virginia animal shelter was given a festive sendoff by the people who grew to love him during his stay. The dog, Frank, was a favorite of the Humane Society of Amherst County staff.

On Wednesday, the animal welfare agency said:

In case you missed our live feed this morning we had a goodbye party for Frank who has been with us for 5️⃣4️⃣3️⃣ long days. It was bittersweet.
You would never want an animal to be sheltered for this long, everyone kept walking passed his kennel and kept on walking.
Frank was a stellar dog in our care. He never gave us one moment of grief.
He watched all his friends come & go. He made new friends who again came and went.

According to the shelter, the woman who decided to adopt Frank had no idea how long he had been homeless, and she did not adopt him because she felt sorry for him. She was just a kind woman ready to welcome a new companion to her family.

Frank got a goodbye party and a trip to Mcdonald’s for some celebratory food.

Frank’s friends will miss him, but they are thrilled that he has finally been chosen. The shelter said:

You came to know kennel 12 as your home.
We are only sorry no one took interest in you sooner.
We send you home with all these things and a piece of our hearts.
You are a good boi and we love you. Happiest life to you Frank❤️

Best of luck Frank! Enjoy your new life.

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