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Good Samaritans Help Save Sea Lion Who Wandered Onto Freeway In San Diego

On Friday morning, two good Samaritans helped a misguided sea lion across a busy freeway in San Diego, California. Josefine Jandinger witnessed the unusual incident, telling 10 News, “I see the two amazing humans, stopping traffic … Trying to save seal, trying to have the seal walk to the other side of road.”

The kind duo had stopped their car and walked with the sea lion to help keep cars from striking him.

California Highway Patrol was contacted about the situation around 10 a.m. Responding officers ensured that cars were stopped so the sea lion would not be struck as he made his way across the busy roadway.

SeaWorld San Diego sent out a team to retrieve the confused animal. After safely removing him from the freeway, SeaWorld said:

This curious little guy had quite the adventure today! Our SeaWorld Rescue team responded to several calls about a sea lion on highway 94. Although we’re not sure how he managed to get there, we’re grateful for the California Highway Patrol for helping our team safety rescue him.

Eric Otjen, head of SeaWorld San Diego’s rescue team told 10 News:

This is pretty unique situation, we don’t often get calls about a sea lion on a freeway. We don’t know exactly how he got here … this is a pretty cool rescue, so we feel good.” Adding, “This is probably the most dangerous situation one has been in, at least in a long time. We were just glad we were able to get out here and take care of things … They are very nimble. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of them and maybe that’s what happened with this guy.”

A veterinary team will check the sea lion over to ensure that he is healthy, and if he is, he will be released soon.

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  1. SeaWorld does some good things and if only they would concentrate on those instead of exploiting animals for entertainment all would be good. I am grateful to all who helped this discombobulated sea lion though as it could have ended up being so much worse.

  2. I pray for Seaworld in water need go free and no more abuse and Seworld need close they dont take care hurt animals in water I saw some picture whales been hurt I can see cut fins thank yu for share have good day

    • Or someone can take all animals if take all Seaworld animals back water Im worry about hunter will kill animals in water need find place safe

  3. this cruelty needs to be investigated. How dod sealion end up on the freeway? Which criminal brought him there? Arrests & prosecution needed now



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