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Good Samaritan Saves Senior Cat Found Frozen To The Ground

Muskegon, Michigan – A senior cat is alive today thanks to a good Samaritan who took action after finding him frozen to the ground in Muskegon. The cat, dubbed Elliot, was saved by a woman named Kelly, who rushed him to Big Lake Animal Clinic for life-saving care.

The veterinary clinic writes:

Kelly found this poor older boy frozen to the ground at Laketon and Wood St. this morning. She brought him to Big Lake Animal Clinic for them to check for a chip and help in saving him.

When Elliot was first examined at the clinic, his eyes were crusted shut, and his temperature had plummeted to just 94 degrees. The veterinary team immediately began administering life-saving treatment. With the help of warm IV fluids, Elliot’s body temperature was raised and he was able to rest comfortably.

On Tuesday, the veterinary clinic provided an update on Elliot’s condition, writing:

This is the latest update on Elliot. We are so happy to say he is doing much better and was monitored during the night. He reaches out his paw to the vet tech that has been caring for him over night, showing her just how happy he is that he is being helped. He still has a long way to go, but we won’t give up.

The clinic is hoping to learn more about Elliot:

If anyone has any info or knows this boy, which we are calling “Elliot” (for the storm), please contact Big Lake Animal Clinic at 231-799-1074, or to help with medical costs.

A devastating update about Elliot was made a week after the publication of this article – read more at this link.

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  1. It is a sad thing that this little cat was left outside but I am grateful that she did not die out there and got to feel loved and cared for. What an awful thing to die alone and in the cold if would have been.

  2. That is a sad end to what I thought was going to be a story of recuperation and survival. It is heartbreaking to ponder just how this cat ended up the way he did and how long he was frozen to the ground before he was found. A sad story to begin the New Year. Hate to hear this but as Kate says at least he was cared for at the end- just wish he had been found sooner; it might have made the difference.

  3. I’m shocked — based on news, I strongly believed Kitty would make it — the improvement so obvious based on photos — what happened? — terribly sad.

  4. Fly free, whole, healthy, and forever Loved, sweet angel Elliot. Rest, treasure, in Perfect Love and Comfort. *FOREVER LOVED.*



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