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Good Samaritan Rescues Injured Stray Cat, Seeks Loving Home Where He Can Be Safe

Update 4/16/2023: Animal Victory is thrilled to report that Tabby has found his forever home!

Sherman Oaks, CA – A friendly, young Maine Coon is in need of a safe place to live after being rescued from his life as a stray. About a year-and-a-half ago, the cat, fondly dubbed Tabby, began showing up in a West Covina neighborhood.

Tabby was a stray with a big, lovable personality. Recently, it was apparent that Tabby was hurt, prompting those who knew him to seek out veterinary care. At the veterinarian, it was determined that Tabby’s femur was broken and it appeared that he may have been struck by a car.

The good Samaritan who helped get Tabby to the vet shares the options she was given after the diagnosis:

We were given a few choices by that vet. He said we could take him to an orthopedic surgeon, but no guarantee his leg could be repaired. The second option the vet gave us was to amputate his leg and also mentioned he could have a good life with three legs. The last option the vet shared was to make the difficult choice to put him down. We were heartbroken at the thought of that as this cat had such a sweet demeanor and soul.

On April 10, Tabby was taken to another veterinarian and the news was better:

We took him to another vet on April 10 and were prepared to have his leg amputated, but before the procedure the doctor called to go over an alternative plan to amputation. She told us she’d noticed he was touching his right leg down and that the area around the break at his femur had started developing a bone callous. That callous, in essence, would stabilize his leg and over time and it would heal, although he most likely would have a limp. We opted to save his leg.

Tabby’s rescue hero, Lisa, tells Animal Victory:

Also, the thorough physical also showed he is FIV+, which would only be a concern in a household with other cats if he were aggressive, which he is not.

Tabby is ready for his new home! He’s been neutered, had a full physical, blood work and x-rays, up to date on all his vaccinations, had a flea treatment, been chipped and had a bath. As he heals over the next month or so, there are funds to cover any vet visits and pain meds.

She adds:

He is definitely a lover and all you need to supply are chin scratches, love and a safe, comfy indoor place for him to recover.

Lisa has a special message to the dozens of people who donated funds making it possible to give Tabby the care he so desperately needed, saying, “A big thank you goes out to the over 60 people who helped to contribute to Tabby’s medical care.”

Tabby deserves to live out his life with a loving owner who will ensure that he never has to fend for himself on the streets again. If you are interested in giving this handsome boy a forever home, please email Lisa at

Check out Tabby in the short video below. He looks like a bundle of love!

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  1. Surely someone will find it within their heart to give this guy a home preferably a true cat lover with experience with cats instead of the usual idiots that adopt on a whim with the usual tenuous outcome for the cat.



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