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German Shepherd REALLY Wants Out Of Shelter

Wichita, KS – A German shepherd at a Kansas animal shelter REALLY wants out of her kennel run. On Thursday, the Kansas Humane Society posted a photo of the German shepherd hanging from the top of her kennel run door, writing:

Skylar REALLY wants to go home 😂 This would-be escapee is perfectly fine and has been moved to a covered kennel to prevent her from attempting another escape 😄

The rather comical photo garnered a lot of attention, with more than 400 comments and nearly 1500 shares. Most people could see that Skylar is smart, and stressed…and several people indicated that they want to give her a home.

Hopefully, an adopter will be found soon! According to her biography, she is four years of age and has lived with cats and dogs. Read more about Skylar here.

Location: 3313 N Hillside St, Wichita, KS, United States, Kansas

Phone: (316) 524-9196

Email: info@kshumane.org

Note: Please direct all inquiries about this dog to the shelter. Animal Victory has no affiliation with this dog or the shelter agency. Thank you.

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  1. A shepherd is my dream dog. Always has been. My husband says I can’t have one because they are unpredictable. WRONG!!! It is all in how they are raised. AND we have a pittie/lab mix. LOL Go figure.

  2. Why doesn’t the Animal Shelter contact the police as they might could use this breed. Contact Veterans Affairs as a Veterans could use for PTSD, Contact German Shepherd Rescue Group, HE is smart would be easy to train.Contact First Responders.

  3. Comical and sad at the same time. Clearly Skylar really wants to go home with someone. I would not be the right person as I am not good at training, though she may not need it, but I also have a 16 year old blind and deaf dog who is also unsteady on his feet at times and despite his age, he needs a lot of attention. I do hope Skylab’s family finds here soon so they can spend many years together.


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