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German Shepherd Pup Stuck In Busy Shelter, Hoping To Be Saved

Update 4/15/2024: No longer listed – status unknown.

Downey, CA – Sitting in a lonely kennel run at the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey facility is a handsome German shepherd puppy. The five-month-old puppy, Ludwig, has been at the facility since April 3.

In a perfect world, Ludwig would be living in a home, with an adoring family. But life is not perfect and Ludwig has no home, and he has no one who loves him.

Ludwig is a gorgeous pup – a puppy sure to make anyone proud. All he needs is a chance. Please help him find someone to love him…before he is lost forever.

Pet profile here.

Located At: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey
Description: My name is Ludwig.
I am described as a neutered male, black and brown German Shepherd Dog.
Age: The shelter thinks I am about 5 months old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Apr 03, 2024.

Shelter information

Location: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey
Phone Number: (562) 940-6898
Address: 11258 South Garfield Avenue
Downey, CA 90242
Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter.

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  1. I wish more than anything that I could and would actually take in this sweet and innocent fur baby forever, fur babies are in need of our help our love support and so much more we have so much more to give I would so take this baby if my mom and I honestly could do it and afford to do it and also by giving the sweetest little puppy dog 🐕 boy a puppy love the name though Lugwig it’s the cutest thing ever in the world 🌍🌍 4/18/24 6:50 am

  2. I wish I had a huge house 🏡 with nothing but fields in our backyard and also in the front yard as well, made it so animals could and can just run around and they would and will never again have to worry about it being a yes im sure not going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. love fur babies now and forever 1990 I was 4 years old when my mom and grandma got both my brother and I each other a kitty 😻🐈 cat perscilla & Presley.. perscilla she lived for a long time 24 years 🎄🎁 Christmas day 1990 – to February 2010.. persley sadly was 8 years old when he ran away didn’t know anything about the neighborhood it was all new to persley and he ran away… it broke my families ❤️ that he ran away and never came back again.



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