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Firefighter Adopts Puppy Who Survived Devastating Fire

Coos Bay, OR – A puppy who survived terrible burns in a devastating house fire will spend the rest of his life with a firefighter who intends to teach children about fire safety. According to the South Coast Humane Society, three weeks ago the fire marshal brought an injured puppy to the shelter; the pup was burned from a fire that completely destroyed a home.

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Following the direction of a veterinarian, the puppy was given “lots of intensive care, multiple cold baths, and medicated salve” in addition to wound management and “lots of love,” to help him recover from his wounds.

The same fire marshal who brought the puppy to the shelter helped locate the perfect person to give him a forever home. A post from the shelter reads, “The fire marshal knew that there was someone out there that would love this puppy, and that he would bring true meaning to what happened to him. She got a hold of her friend in Coos Bay who has a fire fighter and they fell in love.”

As the pup, Smoky, recovered, the firefighter and his wife came to visit and created a bond with him. The animal welfare agency said that they kept Smoky until they were certain that he could leave without the risk of infection.

And shared the heartwarming news about his new home and important new job:

Smoky “went home this weekend. He will be trained to go out and be an advocate, for the “stop, drop, and roll” presentations in the school districts.

(Images via South Coast Humane Society Facebook page)

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