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‘Fire Breathing Demon Dog’ Adopted By Woman Who Adores Him

Niagara, New York – A dog described as a “fire-breathing demon dog” has been adopted and his new person adores him! Despite a brutally honest description by staff at the Niagara SPCA, people clamored to adopt the difficult dog named Ralphie.

Many people applied to adopt the “demonic” dog, but only one person was chosen, and she couldn’t be happier. Days ago, the animal shelter shared the good news, writing:

Ok, ok. We know you’ve all been waiting for a Ralphie update. We wanted to make sure there were no injury reports before posting (but really we wanted to give mom a day or so before we pestered her).

Sharing an update from the brave adopter:

I was literally questioning where the name ” Demon Dog” came from.. & then I saw a few things… ☺️.. although, i’m pretty convinced it’s nothing we can’t work on and get figured out!

Ralphie’s new owner says that he is a bit of a “nipper,” but they are “working on it.” Describing efforts to train Ralphie where he should be going potty:

I’m currently tying a bell on a door because he keeps going to the door to go outside. We worked on that ALL DAY yesterday… He’s learning to potty outside which is amazing that it’s so quick… I get it, he prefers the carpet for poops instead of the ice cold on his paws, I understand, and yet he’s still learning despite this frigid weather.

Ralphie’s adopter is ecstatic that she was chosen, writing:

All in all… He is amazing, and He found A HAPPY PLACE with me because he saved me as much as I saved him… I feel blessed!
Thank you!!! For choosing me! 🙏🏻

Find the original story about Ralphie at this link.

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

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  1. I was needing a good laugh about now so thank you. Ralphie is just a work in progress who was waiting for this woman to come along so they could share their lives together.



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