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Fire And Police Officials Find 7 Dogs Abandoned On Boat, One Had Already Died

Fire and police officials found seven dogs abandoned on a boat anchored in the Illinois River.

Peoria, IL – Dogs who were abandoned on a boat anchored in the Illinois River are getting their second chance after being discovered by Fon du Lac Police officers who noticed a “foul smell” coming from the watercraft. According to a joint press release from the Peoria Fire Department and Peoria Police Department, seven dogs were in kennels on the 32-foot cabin cruiser; one dog had already died.

7 dogs abandoned on boat
7 dogs abandoned on boat

According to the news release, the cabin cruiser was anchored in the river channel in the area of the RiverPlex. The Fon du Lac police requested assistance from the Peoria Fire Department, who responded with a fire boat.

When officials entered the anchored craft, they discovered seven young dogs who were “emaciated” and locked in kennels; one dog had already passed away. No human occupants were discovered on the boat.

Peoria Police and Peoria Animal Welfare were summoned to the craft to investigate.
This incident is under investigation by the Peoria Police Criminal Investigations Division.

The surviving dogs were taken to the Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter for care.

No further information about who the boat is registered to has been released and it is a mystery as to why the dogs were abandoned.

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  1. Find the owner, throw on a noose and attach to a concrete block. Then throw him in the river. If he survives, throw him in jail. However a funeral is still much cheaper than all legal or penal costs. Consider that!!

  2. What a horrible thing to do to those animals! Someone knows and you need to lock up and throw away the key to who ever is responsible

  3. Regardless of the boat and whether or not it plays a part, this evil sadistic POS left these poor animals to die with no remorse. Someone knows or saw something!!! Remember, KARMA IS A BITCH!

  4. The boat may have nothing to do with the psycho killer that put those dogs there to suffer and die….maybe the boat was just opportunity and we do not know if it was a “man” statistics lean toward most likely but women suffer from toxic masculinity and psychotic behavior and cruelty sadly as well….

  5. Yes they absolutely can find out who this is. I dislike kennels with the wrong people for animals. They are trapped and there’s no escape. I’ve heard the stories of people putting their dogs in all day while at work to an elderly person living alone who suddenly dies. These kennels can be death traps. You have to wonder why this man just suddenly abandoned these poor dogs. He knew they would die

  6. The owner can be tracked based on the name of the vessel and hull #. The owner needs to be found and arrested for abandoning the dogs and pay for their medical care and boarding at the shelter until they can be adopted out. He or she should also be banned from owning or caring for any pets and the boat should be auctioned off by authorities with proceeds going to the shelter to help care for other animals.

    • Absolutely! And the owners of the boat who left these pups on the boat once identified need to be charged with 7 felon cases of animal abuse and along with the financial items you pointed out that they should be charged with, they should also serve a lengthy incarceration in prison!


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