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Ferry Workers Rescue Kitten From Water

A tiny kitten was saved from drowning by ferry workers in Clinton, Washington.

Clinton, WA – A Washington state ferry crew proved to be heroes for a tiny kitten who was in the water near the Clinton ferry terminal earlier this week. The Washington State Ferries Facebook page recounted the heartwarming rescue effort, explaining how the young feline was saved.

According to the state agency, on July 26, the Kitsap crew learned that a kitten was spotted on an in-water terminal structure at Clinton. While searching, they spotted the kitten in the water and quickly made the decision to launch a rescue boat to save him/her from drowning.

The crew was able to pluck the kitten from an offshore piling and transport the little one to Clinton terminal employees, who created a comfortable kennel out of materials.

Ferry workers rescued a kitten from the water
Ferry workers rescued a kitten from the water

The kitten was transported to the South Whidbey Animal Clinic for a check-up.

Great job ferry crew!!

(Images via Washington State Ferries Facebook page)

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  1. Kudos to that crew for saving that small kitten!!! Hope one of them can give it a great home! We need more people like these in our world today.

  2. I will gladly second the above comment- more people like this and less of the usual assholes we read about doing the opposite to animals.Hope these guys get good things returned to them in spades.

  3. The Kitty should be named “Kitsap” or “Kittysap”. A completely perfect and fitting name in honor of her heroes. 😀



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