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Family’s Beloved Dog Fatally Shot While Resting On Deck

Mankato, Minnesota – On March 30, a family’s beloved dog was fatally shot while sunbathing on the second story deck of their home. According to the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office, a neighbor that had been outside when the dog was killed reported hearing two gunshots.

According to the authorities, the family had received a threatening note prior to the shooting:

Investigation determined that the owners of the dog that was killed and another dog owner in the area found threatening notes on their property about two weeks prior to the shooting warning them to keep their dogs from barking.

The dog who was killed was described by her family as “the best dog in the world.” Her grieving family issued a social media post about their tremendous loss.

Information needed

The incident remains under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office at (507) 304-4863 or report anonymously through

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  1. your seeing this more and more. animals not bothering anyone on their own property when some sick bastard kills them. i hope if some of these home owners catch these scumbags that they put a bullet in them. only way this shit will stop. anyone waiting on the law to help is on a fools errand.

    • These demented hate-filled sadists, as long as they’re of the “victim” class, are now being coddled by deranged DA’s hell bent on destroying law and order, with the goal of destroying the USA and paving the way for the Great Reset, with Klaus Schwab, George Soros and their ilk in command.



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