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Family Pleads For Safe Return Of Elderly Dog Who Was Picked Up Near Hotel

Raleigh, NC – An elderly Jack Russel terrier mix is missing after wandering out of a hotel room on May 10 and being picked up by a woman near the Days Inn on Glenwood Avenue. As reported by WRAL News, Jasmine’s owner, Darryl Nordan, explains that his 16-year-old dog, Jasmine, wandered out of the hotel room when he was bringing in items from his car. He tells the news agency, “I had my arms full and I didn’t see her and she slipped right out the door.”

Jasmine made her way out of the Days Inn and surveillance video shows a woman picking her up and leaving. While it is presumed that the woman likely believed she was helping the lost, senior dog, the police report lists the incident as larceny.

Nordan has no hard feelings towards the woman, he just wants his dog safely back home.

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  1. such a sad story. i hope this man gets his dog back. i think the woman was acting with no bad intentions but people should not just assume a dog is a stray because it is loose. make an attempt to see if it has a family first. i hope all ends well for all involved.

  2. THIS MAN needs to look NOW at several of the pounds in that area!! Go there and take a poster w/ and leave it with the receptionist, or leave it if they are closed!! KEEP an eye out for these pounds, call them every day, go back to them to see the person in charge, give him or she a poster w/!!!! Check all shelters too, she could have given them to the shelter!! Email ALL VETS a poster w/ of the dog, put a note on it the dog was seen by camera to be taken!! And the last thing, get out and look for the dog, knock on doors, look for the car on the video, and go about 10 mile radius!! I do hope you find the dog!!! If you decide not to do this, then at least get a Good Pet Tracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Poor sweet old dog; I sure hope that woman is a true dog lover and does the right things. People, always supervise and protect your animals, especially when distracted by other activities.



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