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Family Of Legally Blind Child Adopts Blind Cat, Seeing Eye Kitten, And Mother Cat

A special trio of cats has found a new home with a family who drove all the way from Ohio, to Sioux City, Iowa, to adopt them. The feline threesome was in the care of the Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, who was on a mission to find the cats the perfect home.

The cats are unique…one cat was born with no eyes, the other, presumed to be the blind cat’s mother, has medical issues, and the third, a kitten, was added to the mix in order to serve as a seeing eye cat to the kitty with no eyes.

The Nestor family read about the cat trio in People, and their story resonated with them…especially because their own son is legally blind. Amy Nestor tells NWA Homepage:

“We have one in college; we have a 14-year-old that’s in high school, and then we have a 12-year-old that’s in 6th grade. And our 12-year-old, Joshua, is legally blind. He is absolutely thrilled. He loves animals, in fact, I think he’s going to do something with animals in his life. He is just bouncing off the walls excited.”

Joshua’s dad, Paul, said:

It was real special to tell him, because you always worry about your child fitting in, wherever he’s at, and to know that he’s not alone, and he can help this animal who’s completely blind.”

On Sunday, the animal shelter commented on the adoption, writing:

Today is bitter sweet to say farewell to our special needs friends who have over come so much to FINALLY find their “FUR EVER” home. THANK YOU to their wonderful new family who drove here from Ohio to take them home. Although we will miss them, it is heartwarming to know they will be safe and loved. We had over 20 amazing applications from all over the country(even Australia) who wanted to welcome them into their homes.
To the unsung heros in this story, the Animal Control Officers that saved them, to the staff and volunteers who cared for them, The Veterinarians who treated them and the office personnel and media who made this possible. For those who can not speak for themselves. THANK YOU !!!!!

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  1. Excellent! I read about this trio somewhere else and I am thrilled they have a home now.Thank you to the shelter for taking care of the needs of the cat/kittens in this unique situation and to the kind people who will now give them the home and love they deserve.

  2. Kudos to this couple for stepping up to give this little family a home especially having driven as far as they did to do so. Nice to know there are still some great people out there.

  3. BEAUTIFUL — THANK YOU for creative solution whereby you make 3 Cats extremely happy — thank you for taking them in — wonderful.



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