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Family Member Abandoned Woman’s Dog Outside Of Burger King

Monee, IL – A dog was tied up and abandoned outside a Burger King in Monee earlier this week. The dog, named King, was left with a note attached to his collar that provided his name, date of birth, and said “I’m a good boy. Love to hug & kiss.”

The Monee Police Department tried to find his people before bringing him to the South Suburban Humane Society. The animal welfare agency later learned who King truly belonged to, and why he was abandoned.

In a social media post, the agency explains:

Yesterday, his pet parent came to the shelter to tell us what had happened. After suffering a major medical event, she had moved in with family and has been trying to get back on her feet. Her family member abandoned King without her knowledge and she is devastated.

The woman brought King’s food, toys, and treats to the shelter and had a “tearful” conversation with the staff. The shelter said:

She wants to try and find a new place to live to keep her extremely well taken care of dog that she deeply loves. So one of our amazing staff members agreed to foster King at her house for a month so we can hopefully make a reunion happen.

The shelter ended their social media post with a few words about choosing kindness:

Every single day, every one of us has a choice to choose empathy and kindness. SSHS is grounded in both and we choose kindness whenever possible (it’s always possible). We asked her if she’s willing to accept help from the public and she is a very proud person who is thinking about that. When we know, we will certainly let you know! Thank you to each one of you helping us do this work and we wouldn’t be able to offer this support to King and her without our communities ❤

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  1. I would be disowning that family member permanently. Bad enough they did this but to not tell the owner is reprehensible knowing how much the dog meant to the individual and given her medical issues. Thankfully there are really nice people out there and the people at the shelter demonstrate that in spades. Hopefully the efforts put in motion to help this lady and her dog come to fruition and both have a much happier and brighter future. They deserve it, unlike her so called relative.

  2. Thank you to the Shelter for being so kind and understanding to this poor woman. And believing her and giving her time to find a new place to live. I hope there is something like a fine or community service for the evil family members who did this.

  3. Extremely cruel act by that “family member.” That blood is way thinner than water. Not only sadistic & hateful towards the family member, but placing the dog in a position to be taken by just any creep on the streets, to possibly face some nightmarish fate. The poor woman likely has no family left now, if THAT’S who she relied on in a desperate time. I hope she and her beloved King get all the help they need, and with that evidently caring shelter in her corner, it’s likely they’ll be okay. King is absolutely adorable.

  4. Talk about bad family members! Now that is a good shelter with caring people. They clearly care about the animals and helping the people who love them. I would never talk to that relative again if I had been in that position.


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