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Family Lost Home And Dad Chose To Sleep On Street Because Pet Rabbit Wasn’t Allowed At Shelter

Georgia – A devoted father recently revealed his exceptionally good heart when he opted to sleep on the street with his family’s pet rabbit, rather than giving up the animal who was considered to be part of the family. Prepare to read one of the most heartwarming stories you have encountered this year…

The man’s name is Cory Coleman, and he lost his job in December; shortly thereafter, his family lost their home. Coleman’s wife and children were able to get into a homeless shelter, but the facility would not allow their pet rabbit, Goldie, to stay with them.

Rather than getting rid of their pet, Coleman opted to sleep on park benches, even when it was freezing outside, reports 11 Alive News. Coleman explained in the simplest of ways, telling the news agency, “I was not going to let her get away that easy, not this rabbit.”

Adding a statement that true animal lovers will appreciate:

“A father will go to these lengths to keep his family together. Animals are a part of that family.”

When the temperature dropped to a dangerous level, Coleman tried to get into a warming shelter with Goldie. Gregory White, the director of the Decatur Recreation Center, recounts what he told the devoted pet owner when he saw the bunny, telling the news agency what he said.

 “‘Cory, I don’t think the rabbit can go to the warming center.'”

But White could see that Coleman was devoted to his pet, and that dedication prompted him to take Goldie home, and allow Coleman to go to the warming center. White was determined to find a solution so he began searching for rabbit rescues to assist. He found the Georgia House Rabbit Society and they agreed to take Goldie in until her family could get back on their feet.

Ultimately, the goal is to have this loving family in a home of their own, with their beloved pet, Goldie. A fundraiser has been established to help make that possible. You can find the GoFundMe account here.

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  1. DEAR MR. COLEMAN: YOU ARE A TRUE HERO!! A brave dedicated animal lover with a golden heart!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I pray to our dear God that you, your precious family and your sweet rabbit will find a wonderful and safe home soon!!!

  2. Such kindness by this Cory Coleman. I too would not go into a shelter if i could not bring my animals. Another act of kindness was done by the director who saw the situation and stepped in instead of viewing the love for a rabbit as trivial. I hope things improve for them soon.

  3. Dedication and loyalty are in short supply these days but this father went way beyond what most people would have done and deserves the absolute best outcome for his family. Both he and the director of the shelter have shown a side of humanity that a lot of people could aspire to. I think this is a turnaround moment for this family’s’ fortunes, all due to a rabbit. Great story!

  4. Mr. Cory Coleman is a HERO and he did what any decent, caring person would do. May those so fortunate support him and his family in their time of need. No one should ever have to face that dilemma. No one in this nation should be homeless.

  5. That is exactly what I would do if I was in that situation with my dog. You are a hero and I hope things turn around for you and your family.



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