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Family Accuses Amazon Driver Of Trying To Steal Their Puppy

Henry County, GA – A family in Henry County claims an Amazon delivery driver tried to steal their puppy. As reported by WSBTV, Terrika Currence said she was collecting packages that were left on her front porch when her daughter screamed, “The Amazon guy stole our puppy.”

Currence ran to the Amazon van and opened the back doors – inside, she could see her puppy in a bin. She recorded her confrontation with the driver, who apparently had no explanation for his actions.

The family safely recovered their pup and reported the incident to Amazon and the police. The driver, who has not been named, has been fired. Amazon has responded:

The family is relieved that the driver is no longer delivering packages but worry that he will try this again. The police are investigating.

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  1. I’m so glad the puppy was found before the driver took off! What a terrible person to do such a despicable thing. I’m glad he was fired!!

  2. So glad you got your puppy back but this just shows you must keep an eye on him always because crazy and insane people live in our world.



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