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Faithful Dogs Stay With Child Who Wandered Away From Home

Faithorn, Michigan – A family’s faithful dogs stayed by the side of a young girl when she wandered away from home last week. According to sources, the toddler, Thea, was outside with a family member who was power-washing; the child was told to go inside to put on some shoes but instead, she wandered away.

Her mother, Brooke Chase, explains the situation to KWCH News:

“She said ‘OK!’ and he thought she went inside. My gut told me to go check on Thea and make sure she wasn’t getting into any trouble. That is when we noticed that she was not here, and the dogs were not here.”

After frantically searching the area around the house, Chase called 911 for help. Michigan State Police and Menominee County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the call and for the next five hours, an exhaustive search was conducted.

Eventually, an ATV rider found the missing threesome…little Thea was sleeping on her springer spaniel, Hartley, and Buddy the Rottweiler was standing guard.

Chase recounts what the ATV driver encountered when he found the slumbering child:

“When she was found, the only reason she was, was because our bigger dog, Buddy, was standing there. The driver said he went to touch her to wake her up because she was still sleeping, and Hartley was growling at him to not touch the kid.”

Amazingly, Thea and her dogs wandered more than three miles from home. She was not injured in the ordeal, despite making the trek without shoes. Her family is grateful for the protection her devoted dogs provided.

(Images via screenshot KWCH news)

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