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Experts Rescue Manatee With Fishing Hook Embedded In Flipper And Face

Crystal River, FL – Wildlife experts have rescued a manatee who was tangled in a fishing lure and fishing line. According to a social media post by the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, the situation was brought to their attention after someone reported, “a small, thin manatee near Crystal River with a large fishing lure hooked to its face and flipper with line wrapped around the flipper.”

Wildlife officials were able to successfully capture the manatee and remove the lure; the marine mammal was taken to ZooTampa at Lowry Park for rehabilitation.

The agency reminded he public to properly dispose of trash and fishing line to help protect wildlife.

Entangled manatees should always be reported to the FWC, and entanglements on marine mammals should only be removed by wildlife officials. Report entangled, injured, sick, or orphaned manatees to FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline (1-888-404-3922)

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  1. Too many sloppy fishermen just cut off their lures – you can talk and promote this issue forever, but these people are just too dense to clean up after themselves. Fishing is just as harmful and cruel as hunting. And it should be outlawed in public parks with waterfowl and oterh animals, but it’s impossible to police these areas.

    • I agree with your comment Nora.

      “Thanks to this Good Sam who reported it to officials. Thank you to a caring human being. Some do still exist”.



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