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Experts Blame Extreme Heat For Howler Monkey Deaths In Mexico

Mexico – Experts are blaming extreme heat for the alarming death of brown howler monkeys in Mexico. Howler monkeys in Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Veracruz have died with symptoms indicating dehydration and heat stroke as temperatures have soared well above the century mark.

As reported by MSN, a dangerous heat dome has been in place in the areas where howler monkey deaths have been reported. The number of deceased primates has climbed above 150 since early May.

Gilberto Pozo, a wildlife biologist, believes the deaths can be attributed to heat stroke and/or dehydration, but admits that pathogens and disease have not been ruled out yet.

According to Reuters, animals are not the only ones suffering in the heat – more than 20 people have perished from “heat-related” issues since the start of May, and more intense heat is in the immediate forecast.

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